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One PWA. One Price. Multiple Platforms.

One PWA gives you a high performing desktop website, mobile website, Android App and an iOS app.


All essentials for a full-fledged PWA front-end for you store using out-of-the-box features of NexPWA

USD 9,999

Requirements Review & Solution Consulting

Standard Theme with Customer’s Branding

All Standard Magento Open Source Features

Push Notifications via Firebase

GTM & Google Analytics E-commerce Events

Native Magento Checkout

Dynamic Rendering via Rendertron for SEO

Publish to Google & Apple Store

Installation & Implementation

Full Code Access

Dedicated Project Manager

User Training

60 Days Free Support

2 Weeks Delivery

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Everything in Starter + limited customization

Starts at $12,000

Custom Design up to 8 Pages

All Standard Magento Commerce Features

A/B Testing (PWA vs Responsive)

Marketing Automation Integration

Merchandising powered by ElasticSuite / Tagalys

Personalization Integration

PWA Checkout

Direct Payment Gateway Integration

Developer Training

4 to 6 Weeks Delivery

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Everything in Pro + unlimited customization

Custom pricing

Unlimited Custom Designed Pages

Unlimited Integrations with 3rd Party Platforms

Unlimited Extension Integration

Unlimited Customization

Migration of Magento to latest version

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Frequently asked questions

Is NexPWA SaaS or Self-Hosted? Do I get the entire code-base?

NexPWA is a fully self-hosted solution. We deliver entire source code, documentation and other necessary files to the customers. It can be hosted in your existing Magento infrastructure or any other place you wish.

Which all Magento editions and versions does NexPWa support?

NexPWA is supported on all Magento editions: Magento Opensource, Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud.
NexPWA works on all Magento versions later than 2.3.0.
If you are on Magento 1 or Magento 2 older version, we can help you upgrade. Please reach out to for a quote.

Will NexPWA work with my extensions & customization?

-Most extensions from reputed vendors will work out of the box with NexPWA. However, the extensions which modifies the front-end of the store would need to integrated with additional development efforts.
-There is absolutely no limit to the extent of customization in NexPWA. The limitation is only your imagination!

Which all payment gateways does NexPWA support?

All payment gateways which have a Magento extension are supportedby NexPWA..

NexPWA has 2 checkout options.
1. Magento Checkout: NexPWA uses the default Magento checkout interface. In this method, all existing payment gateways and other checkout customization work seamlessly without making any change.

2. PWA Checkout: NexPWA uses the PWA interface for checkout. In this method, a small amount of customization has to be done on the NexPWA code to integrate the payment gateway. Out of the box, we have integrations for Paypal, Stripe, Payfort, Razorpay, PayU, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, CCAvenue, Sagepay, 2CO.

How much can I customize NexPWA?

Since NexPWA is a completely self-hosted solution and the code is fully open, it can be customized to any extent. NexPWA architecture is built in a way that it can be extended easily without modifying the core code. Please reach out to for our developer documentation.

We can also offer training on customizing NexPWA to your Magento development team.

Will my store URLs get changed If I use NexPWA?

Not at all. All your store URLs will be preserved with NexPWA

Can I use NexPWA on both mobile and desktop?

Yes. You have 3 options.
1. Use NexPWA for both desktop and mobile
2. Use NexPWA only for mobile traffic
3. Use NexPWA only for desktop traffic

What kind of support is provided for NexPWA?

All our packages come with 60 days included warranty period. This warranty covers all issues and bugs arising out of NexPWA.
Apart from the free warranty, customers can opt for Extended Warranty, Support & Maintenance plans or On-Demand Customization requests
Please contact us at to know about more support options.

Can I ask for customization?

Yes, absolutely! You could either get customization done from us, your team or a third party. It is totally up to you.

Do you take up PWA implementation projects?

Yes, absolutely! We could build a fully custom PWA from scratch for you. Please contact us at for a quote.

Is there any recurring license fee apart from the one-time cost?

No. As a limited time offer, we have decided not to have recurring license fees for using NexPWA.
We will be introducing recurring fees in the near future. However this will not be applicable to the existing customers.

What is the cost of customization?

It depends on the volume and complexity of customization. Please reach out to with your requirements to get a quote.

Under what license is NexPWA distributed?

NexPWA is distributed as suite of extensions for ScandiPWA. The source-code of these extensions (NexPWA) is distributed under proprietary license. The source-code of ScandiPWA is distributed under its original license OSL 3.0.

Can I resell NexPWA to my clients with a regular license?

No. Regular license is valid only for usage on 1 Magento instance. It cannot be used on more than 1 Magento instance. The above mentioned pricing is for the regular license.

We have special plans for partners and resellers. Please reach out to to talk to our partnership team.

What is the relationship between NexPWA and ScandiPWA?

ScandiPWA is an open-source (OSL 3.0) PWA framework for Magento 2. It is developed and maintained by the open-source community.

NexPWA is a suite of feature-rich extensions built for the ScandiPWA framework. NexPWA is developed, maintained and supported by the NexPWA team, who are the official partner of ScandiPWA.

Together with ScandiPWA and NexPWA, you can build the world's most powerful PWAs for your Magento store.

How will PWA help my eCommerce business?

PWA is the latest web technology that is powering world's top eCommerce brands. Smooth user-experience and split-second speed offered by this technology has proved to impact the eCommerce revenue.

1. Increase conversion up to 400%
2. Increase SEO rankings and traffic
3. Increase time-spent on website
4. Reduce bounce rate
5. Increase Average Order Value
6. Increase customer re-engagement.

To see the statistics of how PWAs have impacted top brands, please visit

Does PWA negatively impact SEO?

No, this is a misconception. While it is true that, some older search bots find it difficult to crawl Javascript-rendered Single Page Apps, there are many solutions to this.

In NexPWA, we have implemented the ways suggested by Google to solve this. It is called Dynamic Rendering.
We use a headless Chrome called Rendertron to serve pre-rendered pages to Search Bots. This allows the bots to crawl and read the contents of the pages easily.

More details can be found on this Google Developer Blog.

Can PWA replace mobile apps?

Yes. PWAs can offer the same functionality, experience and speed of mobile apps. It can also be published to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Does PWA work properly on Apple iPhones?

Yes. PWAs works on all platforms where modern browsers work, including Android and iOS.

However iOS does not have support for a couple of PWA features. Experts say these will be released soon, however.
1. Push Notifications: Browser based web push notifications do not work on iOS.
2. Add to Home Screen: This feature works only on Safari browsers with iOS version > 12.3.

What are the limitations of PWA?

PWA is a web technology. In the context of eCommerce, PWA does not have any specific limitation or disadvantages at all compared to traditional eCommerce websites. However compared to native mobile apps, there are 2 limitations which exist in Apple iPhones. See the above FAQ to understand these.


Brands benefitting from PWA

increase in mobile revenue
increase in conversion
increase in conversion
more time spent on site
higher conversions across browsers
higher interaction rate from Add to Homescreen

"By 2020, Progressive Web Apps will replace 50% of previous apps."

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