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What is PWA

The most complete PWA for Magento

NexPWA brings the power of PWA, and all its goodies, to Magento. The result is this lightning fast, snappy, mobile-friendly UI, which customers would love, while keeping the scalability and security of Magento, which we have all come to admire.

Superfast loading in 2 seconds

With multiple layers of strategic caching enabled, we can proudly say, "Blink and you'll miss it!".

Feels and works like a native app

We've used all the latest buzzwords in the UI industry to gurantee your customers will go, "Whaat?! This is a website and not an app?".

Works offline

While the internet does bring the world closer, we can't expect you to be online ALL the time. Right?

Add to home screen

Why type the URL everytime, when you can type it one time, and let your phone remember it for you.

Background updates

No more waiting while the app finishes updating itself. Use the app. We'll keep updating in the background.

Works on all devices

As long as you have a device which is capable of connecting to the internet, we've got you covered.


As it's a website with its own unique URL, our friend-neighbourhood Googleman and its friends won't hesitate to show us in its results!

Push notifications

Increase your reach. Keep your customers posted on all the latest updates. With on-demand push notifications, all of those are as easy as clicking a button. Or two at most...


What makes NexPWA special?

Curated themes to fit your needs

6 ready-made themes for Fashion, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Home & Decor, Jewellery and Grocery which are optimized for high conversion.

RTL Support

Our themes support Right-To-Left layout for Arabic languages

Google Pagespeed Optimized

Fully optimized for 90+ Google Pagespeed score.


Fully optimized for Google and other Search Engines by leveraging Rendertron for Dynamic Rendering. NexPWA follows the same URL structure as Magento.

Native Magento Checkout

Ability to use native Magento Checkout (optional) in the PWA for zero checkout customization or Payment integration.

Payment Gateway Integration

Built-in support for leading Payment Gateways -> Paypal,, Braintree, Stripe, Klarna, Payfort, PayU, CCAvenue, Razorpay, Juspay. Additionally we can integrate other payment gateways on request.

Advanced Google Tag Manager Integration

Integrate Google Analytics, pixels, marketing automation platforms etc to track all events using our deep GTM integration.

Desktop & Mobile

Flexibility to use PWA either for Mobile-Only or both Mobile+Desktop.


All features

Multiple shipping methods based on configuration

Both online and offline payment method support

Choose addresses from address book

Guest checkout support

Dedicated order success page, with order link

Meta title, description and keyword support from Magento

Dedicated search-engine specific tags for better SEO

Canonical URLs and Magento-esque URL structure

Breadcrumbs to improve SEO scores

Use of Rendertron for seamless SSR integration, further improving SEO reach

Capability to generate and serve sitemap.xml from Magento

Crawler-specific robots.txt support

Inbuilt integration with Google Tag Manager

GTM events fired for E-commerce specific actions (like Add To Cart, Checkout funnel, etc.)

Ability to integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or other analytics tools directly from your GTM dashboard

Capture UTM parameters directly from the URL

Magento reports work seamlessly with NexPWA

Admin logs extension integrated to track all admin actions are generate reports of the same

Newsletter subscribe support for both customer and guest

Inbuilt Push notification integration with Firebase for sending automatic sales notifications (order placed, cancelled, etc.)

Ability to send custom marketing notifications to users using either Email, or Push notifications.

Homepage, and other CMS pages served directly from Magento, enabling store managers to add/remove promotional banners on all CMS pages

Generate invoices, shipments, credit memo, for orders

Notify customers on current order status by Email, or Push notification

"My orders" section in customer dashboard to facilitate viewing customer's order details

Dedicated order tracking page for guest customers to track their orders

Support for order tracking widget to be placed on any CMS page

Ability to integrate live-chat support using tools like Zendesk, Zoho chat, etc., directly from the GTM dashboard

Ability to send targetted content to specific customers using the Push Notification feature

Ability to integrate third-part CRM softwares using Magento extensions

Ability to social login using Google, Facebook, etc.

Dedicated customer dashboard page

My order section to view customer's order details

Customer's dedicated Address book, where he/she can add/update multiple addresses, and assign a certain address as default billing, or default shipping address

My wishlist section to view all products added to the customer's wishlist, with the ability to add the product(s) to cart directly from wishlist

Newsletter subscription support

Support for Simple (with/without custom options), Configurable, Virtual, Grouped, and Downloadable products

Store-wise product information

Custom filters. Custom sort

Multiple Images Per Product

Price and Special Price

Catalog rules, Cart rules

Quantity and Stock status

Product Image Zoom-in Capability

Product reviews

Stock Availability

Product Option Selection

Add to cart

Add to Wishlist

Mega menu

Hamburger menu

Infinite scroll / Pagination


Related products

Product description


Powered by the latest web technology stack

ReactJS, Redux & SCSS

For state-of-the-art UI

Graph QL

For easy communication with Magento

Babel & Webpack

To bundle everything up for cross-browser compatibility


To pre-render the pages for making it super SEO friendly


NexPWA is a React based theme for Magento. And because of that, it runs just as any other theme would. That opens up possibilities like running NexPWA only for a particular Store or Website, only on Phones, only on modern browsers, etc. And the rest can run the traditional website

The recommended architecture has Varnish sitting on top of Magento, to cache whatever it can, making the requests ultra fast

The GraphQL queries are cached in Redis using the persistent query architecture, thereby making it possible to cache even GraphQL responses in Varnish

The service worker sits on top of the client and runs as a proxy to all the fetch requests, allowing us to achieve cool things like offline browsing, client-side caching, etc

Developers love NexPWA

Plugin Interceptors

So you're a Magento extension developer and love the plugin system Magento provides and want something similar for the frontend? NexPWA has you covered! With a powerful Plugin system in place, you would be able to modify NexPWA from inside your Magento extension!


Tons of reusable react components at your disposal. Making UI was never this fun!

In-built GraphQL connector

With the inbuilt GraphQL Query Builder, the frontenders won’t need to know GraphQL at all to use it!

CMS support

CMS is completely taken care of. With support for widgets, static blocks, and even anchor links converted to SPA-friendly links!


Persistent query implementation means that all your graphQL queries can be cached using FPC as required. No need to spend hours trying to write your own cache logic!


No need for a middleware or additional infrastructure - Since NexPWA is just a regular Magento theme, it can run just like any other theme. No need for expensive and flashy setup, like middlewares, node servers, etc.

Easy installation

With a docker environment ready with all necessary configurations, you can start working on NexPWA in a matter of minutes!


Development mode supports hot-reloading, the super-awesome-feature of webpack we all have come to love.


Fully open code allowing endless customization to suit your needs.

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